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APARTMENT MAKEOVER + TOUR // moving into my first apartment at 18 

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FRICK Y'ALL it's HERE WHAT THE HECK. I am living on my own (moved in at 18, turned 19 a month in) in a city and living the my best life. thank you for coming along this beautiful journey with me and supporting me every step of the way. I am incredibly blessed and I am manifesting this life for every single one of y'all because yes, you deserve it! you deserve happiness and stability and peace of mind. with starting college in the middle of a pandemic, moving across the country, learning how to cook my own meals, juggling life responsibilities, and getting my apartment together, it has been one hell of a ride. and this video captures all of that. I hope you enjoy.
signing off,
linh :,)
t i m e s t a m p s
apartment hunting 1:04
moving in 5:33
furnishing and decorating 10:35
tour 21:43
f u r n i t u r e
dining chairs amzn.to/382sDXZ
bed frame bit.ly/3mELdtf
bedside table bit.ly/34Gw4l8
blue area rug etsy.me/3kJJtyw
red area rug bit.ly/2TMWFqd
tall bookshelf bit.ly/37XjqAc
plant shelf (it’s from ikea but I cannot find it??)
office chair amzn.to/2HUYwad
armchair bit.ly/2TFwWQF
desk + legs bit.ly/3eeN5G8 bit.ly/2HJ85Jz
floor lamp bit.ly/2HPUWOA
white rolling cart bit.ly/34JjSQq
blue rolling cart amzn.to/3eg1otW (blue color currently sold out)
crochet baskets etsy.me/35PDQsd
faux vines amzn.to/3jIgGsz
pendant light amzn.to/2HUGs03
kayla’s shelves amzn.to/31YQ4xJ
clothing rack bit.ly/3mHHLyi
wicker mirror bit.ly/3oKubfm
butt vase bit.ly/3ed3wmo
comforter bit.ly/384sljz
a r t
matthew sorgie bit.ly/3jK9TyS
rachael (yumiincolor) etsy.me/37ZRvPZ
heikala bit.ly/37Xq9Kp
pyperbleu (annabelle) bit.ly/3oJansu
cheyenne barton cheyennebarton.com/
jackandbec www.jackandbec.com/
dragon print etsy.me/3efAcvB
marzia (mai accents) www.mai-accents.com/
ella fitzgerald rdbl.co/2HUZLpT
new americana etsy.me/2TFNMPh
velinxi etsy.me/2GgjcZF
matisse poster etsy.me/2TE4ONF
loveleemine etsy.me/3oEdTVf
mintuu illustrations and stuff etsy.me/35V84dz

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e t s y
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m u s i c
louiezong.bandcamp.com (seriously I LOVE LOUIE)
epidemic sound
e n d c a r d
portrait done by the lovely @solarsomnia on instagram
f a q' s
how old are you? 19!
are you vietnamese? heck yeah!
what editor do you use? final cut pro X, yay!
what camera do you use? the canon g7x mark ii and panasonic lumix gh5。
s o c i a l m e d i a
instagram: withlovelinh
twitter: wideeyedstars
spotify: woodlandspirits
business inquiries: linh@slashmgmt.com
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linh truong
linh truong 5 ամիս առաջ
lil reminder: the first 1000 people to use the link in my description will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: skl.sh/linhtruong10201 ! and here are some time stamps: apartment hunting 1:04 moving in 5:33 furnishing and decorating 10:35 tour 21:43 have a great halloween y'all!
kindredspirit 10 օր առաջ
Саша Ամիս առաջ
I've been wondering... There are nice buildings, and all of that. Is that France? Looks so good!
J L 2 ամիս առաջ
tips for apt hunting in dc? this is such a good find
Tazya 2 ամիս առաջ
please please please please please tell me what colors you used for your house THEY LOOK SO GOOD
**달콤한 꼼**
**달콤한 꼼** 3 ամիս առաջ
@It Tastes Like LOL I-
And I am loving it !!🎉❤️ Very Aesthetic!
Kira Corrigan
Kira Corrigan 15 ժամ առաջ
i waswatching this with my friends and one of them said- does nobody else notice her armpit hair and then i say does nobody else just not care
ariane marila
ariane marila Օր առաջ
your apartment feels like home :))
Phroggie UWU
Phroggie UWU 2 օր առաջ
How do u get ur rlly pretty posters from Pinterest?
Kzno_ Erin
Kzno_ Erin 3 օր առաջ
gosh !! 14:31 Kayla winked
Celia Ronda
Celia Ronda 3 օր առաջ
This girl is soooo cute✨✨
Butterbutt 3 օր առաջ
*me contemplating how to fit this entire apartment into my one tiny room*
Taylor McCorkle
Taylor McCorkle 3 օր առաջ
I wish we were friends!!! And I can’t believe your baked your own cake on your birthday 🙁🥲
mare turner
mare turner 4 օր առաջ
look at all those chickens
this is literally my dream apartment. the piano was so
Seren Weekes
Seren Weekes 6 օր առաջ
heyyy can anyone share with me some swanky etsy artists that sell prints? because in re-decorating my room and id like to support some cool artists *insert awkward thumbs up pose*
Kevin Taracena
Kevin Taracena 6 օր առաջ
This thumbnail alone made me watch this recommended video. Nice work👍🏼
Lucy Eleanor
Lucy Eleanor 6 օր առաջ
this is the first video of yours i've ever seen and i'm obssesed with you and your apartment :)
Ana C.R
Ana C.R 7 օր առաջ
I’m living vicariously through you ,,, hope you don’t mind lol
Ana C.R
Ana C.R 7 օր առաջ
That apartment seems so nice and cozy I would die for it ahahhaha
Hello Vey
Hello Vey 7 օր առաջ
I am 26 and living with parents 🙄 #asiancommon
ajsuflena 7 օր առաջ
i cant make out the name of the anime character she describes at 25:54 help
ro :/
ro :/ 8 օր առաջ
Fun thing my birthday is 4 days after yours and I celebrated to the same song 🎶
Emily Fredrickson
Emily Fredrickson 8 օր առաջ
I was watching old videos of yours and just realized we have the same birthday! September libra crew haha :)
kkrying. 9 օր առաջ
Bella K
Bella K 9 օր առաջ
"crazy rich asians cause i'm trynna manifest that life for myself" girl same lmao
Bella K
Bella K 9 օր առաջ
if i have a grave of the fireflies poster on my bedroom i'm gonna be sad everytime i wake up in the morning :")
e l s a x x
e l s a x x 9 օր առաջ
Goals! 😍
Daniella Sanchez
Daniella Sanchez 9 օր առաջ
I finally had the energy to assemble my last 2 furniture and dragged myself to k-mart and Ikea....all thanks to you 😊😊
tyler from texas
tyler from texas 9 օր առաջ
when your channel turns into my comfort channel and i watch this video like every hour because i love it and it helps with my stress lmao...... for real tho absolute amazing person! love you linh!!!
Nugs before Drugs
Nugs before Drugs 9 օր առաջ
Said a bad word
ryan ivie
ryan ivie 9 օր առաջ
23:08 the hxh jacket omg-
Molly Guildford
Molly Guildford 10 օր առաջ
"does the place where i shit need to look aesthetic?" proceeds to make it look amazing!
KISHI FUMI 10 օր առաջ
Where did you buy the postcards??? They are soooo cute!
cass is here
cass is here 10 օր առաջ
pov: this isn't your first time watching this masterpiece
morpheus 12 օր առաջ
anybody know the music that starts at 6:48? friggin love it, just have no idea which artist it’s from lol, or quite frankly which track
Shayzell Gatt
Shayzell Gatt 13 օր առաջ
10:33 trust me
Chris Ha
Chris Ha 13 օր առաջ
ur so cool and u have such a cute cat wow
Sofia Medina
Sofia Medina 13 օր առաջ
if she thinks she is messy wtf am i?
iris egb
iris egb 14 օր առաջ
Were you got that beautiful top😍
Kathryn Condrill
Kathryn Condrill 14 օր առաջ
Kalya is so cute!!!!!
Emily Harnošová
Emily Harnošová 14 օր առաջ
linh , can i ask you , are you bi ???
Camila Lucena
Camila Lucena 15 օր առաջ
Everybody’s actual ✨dream✨. And being already 19 while being as monetarily independent as I was when I was a toddler, and watching it to the end, made me more depressed but at least now I know how I want my future place to look like Edit: actually you know what? I haven’t watched it to the end. I CANT watch it to the end. I’m way too depressed for this and also stuck in Latin America so I’m sorry i cant
Camila Carrasco Aguayo
Camila Carrasco Aguayo 15 օր առաջ
So...Is no one going to tell her happy birthday?? (HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINH :D )
Taya Albertson
Taya Albertson 15 օր առաջ
Is so cluttered but it looks sooooooooooo gouuuuuud
Elvira Larsson Rae
Elvira Larsson Rae 15 օր առաջ
Not me watching this the fifth time this week hahah👀
clarice .moonqn
clarice .moonqn 15 օր առաջ
The kayla segment warmed my heart!! Do be careful about your plants because some are toxic to cats (eg snake plant) but I don't think she's the type to eat them so it's fine lol
clauts is so cool and epic
i'm stuck between this and cottagecore aesthetic, HOW SHALL I DECIDE WHICHHH
Layla Jackson
Layla Jackson 15 օր առաջ
did anyone else see her cat wink on beat? like anyone?
Bernice Angeles
Bernice Angeles 16 օր առաջ
Me being 18, no work, still not independent financially-aight....
이유진 16 օր առաջ
I love how the ads before this is about war and drugs and then it’s just linh being happy
Sasu123456789x1 16 օր առաջ
The dream I swear! 😍😭 The home-est studio I've ever seen! Finally some damn colors!
Alandrea Allyson
Alandrea Allyson 17 օր առաջ
Things..... Stuff and Things. 🤫
Ayesha Anwar
Ayesha Anwar 17 օր առաջ
Loved it.... Isn't it weird that she is only one month older than me but she has her own place to live and a whole business running... 😅
17 օր առաջ
Awwww 🥺🥺 it’s so cozy n comfy
Katrina Fontanilla
Katrina Fontanilla 17 օր առաջ
Ur so lucky ur apartment lets u paint it :o
Emily Bell
Emily Bell 18 օր առաջ
I want to live there so bad
Chelsea Veijken
Chelsea Veijken 18 օր առաջ
This apartment is not just aesthetic, it's very personal and feels like home. I love that, and I hope my new place will be radiating the same vibes!
azu uribe
azu uribe 18 օր առաջ
your room reminds me of the video game missed msgs by angela he omg
azu uribe
azu uribe 18 օր առաջ
who tf disliked this?? this is a masterpiece
Penelope Guest
Penelope Guest 18 օր առաջ
Where did you find all those prints/the wall art?
Jenny Park
Jenny Park 18 օր առաջ
$1825 per month?! I have a full time job and I can only afford up to $1000... I wish I can get rich someday like you.
•Himawary• BICH
•Himawary• BICH 19 օր առաջ
Awwww pero que hermoso (≧▽≦)
Majka Nowakowska
Majka Nowakowska 19 օր առաջ
it is my dream home! I love it Looks so COZY!
C T 20 օր առաջ
This is literally my comfort video I've watched it at least 15 times
Kailyn Isobe
Kailyn Isobe 21 օր առաջ
Morgane BRD
Morgane BRD 21 օր առաջ
i think you have my dream apartment thats crazy! love u Linh and love your content :)
aime varzav
aime varzav 21 օր առաջ
30:32 me owning more than 14 mugs feeling so exposed rn
Quỳnh Anh Lê
Quỳnh Anh Lê 22 օր առաջ
Ur vietnamese
moon 22 օր առաջ
Jay 22 օր առաջ
Bro I sat here in shock of how similar my situation is to hers😩🤚🏽 no credit , self employed , no real bank statements cause I’m always using cashapp for my commissions, but eventually found someone who would give me a chance
Rez Pagupat
Rez Pagupat 22 օր առաջ
linh what electric fan did you use
Countless 22 օր առաջ
Im curious on how you clean off the dust? It must be a hassle! But my gosh, if I ever have an apartment soon, I wish for you to decorate it. I love your aesthetics!!
Daniela Rosindo
Daniela Rosindo 22 օր առաջ
I saw The Name of the Wind and Good Omens in your book collection, they are some of my favorite books ever. I love it, your apartment is beautiful
Te'Azah Berry
Te'Azah Berry 22 օր առաջ
i just love your style
Eve Sisson
Eve Sisson 23 օր առաջ
I'm a kayla stan.
cdzl 23 օր առաջ
this might be late but cats hate the smell of lavender! maybe move the freshener or just get rid of it? bc she wont go near that area as much because thats where the smell comes from
**달콤한 꼼**
**달콤한 꼼** 23 օր առաջ
I moved yesterday and I’m currently redoing my room! I’ve always loved this aesthetic and for the first time I can do my room without people telling what and what not to do! Absolutely doing my room like this hehe
isabel kim
isabel kim 24 օր առաջ
wait oh my goodness where is the hxh jacket from I WANT
cdzl 24 օր առաջ
how did your landlord allow you to paint ???
brennan 24 օր առաջ
Does anyone know where she got that desk chair from?? It is so cute!
brennan 24 օր առաջ
I found it! ~ For anyone else interested it is from Home Depot!
Kaylee Anastasi
Kaylee Anastasi 24 օր առաջ
Please what is the name of this aesthetic I want to decorate my dorm like this 🥺❤️
Carly Neil
Carly Neil 24 օր առաջ
randomly came across this video & i must say your music choice at 14:00 is perfection (or should I say purrrrrfection lol cat jokes)
Zeynep 25 օր առաջ
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 25 օր առաջ
Toni Luis
Toni Luis 25 օր առաջ
put plants on top of ur cabinets
Cottage Core
Cottage Core 25 օր առաջ
I love the apartment and all but like the cat just hit different.
Mariana 25 օր առաջ
I wanna be like you when I grow up 😟
Maia McL
Maia McL 25 օր առաջ
The plant to the side of her: GIRL CAN U STOP Her: no But I just want to say that is a very pretty apartment
• t h r a s h e r •
• t h r a s h e r • 26 օր առաջ
her apartment looks like the type of apartment that would be in a lofi video with an indie touch
drjsibp 26 օր առաջ
Hi!!! Love your apartment and all the plants in it. Also love, love, love your cat. Question: what kind of tape you use so your wall decorations don't break if needed to be moved or the wall gets damaged? I also recently moved to DC and really like it here for work. Obviously, I am older but young at heart (LoL!).
Claudia Kim
Claudia Kim 26 օր առաջ
I am in need of the hxh jacket. Where did u get it??
Manasvi Jindal
Manasvi Jindal 27 օր առաջ
Her apartment srsly my dream place to leave after school ends 😍😍😍
heyy cutie
heyy cutie 27 օր առաջ
she's living in my dream
Cinnomo Accesories
Cinnomo Accesories 27 օր առաջ
Salah fokus sama kucingnya
BABY GIRL 27 օր առաջ
my bisexual heart is in love with your appartement 15/10 🥺❤️
EUROSIVE 27 օր առաջ
The cat really made me cry 😢 I love cats thanks for adopting
madogsun :0
madogsun :0 27 օր առաջ
Can we just appreciate how she put all of the links to everything in the description- and the black and lgbtq+ businesses to support- ✨GODDESS✨
Sangay Chen
Sangay Chen 27 օր առաջ
Proud of you 🥺
Mononoke 091827
Mononoke 091827 28 օր առաջ
You're so motivating, can't wait to be independent
Payton Hehe
Payton Hehe 28 օր առաջ
I left after she called me a b***h
Lea Elise
Lea Elise 29 օր առաջ
did that flame just come back?!
mayakovacsok 29 օր առաջ
Looks really cool!! 😎🌸🌻🌊
Angel Blossom
Angel Blossom Ամիս առաջ
Idk if it’s just me, but at points of this video like 14:55 there’s like a creepy image of something idk what it could be
bedroom makeover 🌙  (cute + functional)
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